Intently You

is a lifestyle blog created to drive conversations around conscious choice, intentional living, positive mindsets and meditation, self-discovery, and how those ways of living impact our families, careers, and lifestyles.


If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.

Widad Akrawi

Intently Amy

Welcome to my world. I built IntentlyYou.com to help bring light to the conversations that have far too long been kept hidden and in secret. How do you achieve what you want in life? How do you become happy when so much negativity seems to come your way?

Here at Intently You, it’s about finding your path to living a life that is free from negativity. Not only will you see occasional musings and meditations from me, Amy, the creator of IntentlyYou.com, but you’ll also read and watch contributions from some bright minds in the world of positivity, mindset, personal happiness, and conscious choice.

You’ll even be welcomed to contribute your personal story. That’s right! My goal is to create a shared space, just one blog, where ideas can collide to create powerful and transformational changes for those who read.

Intently You means being exactly what you want. It means manifesting the person you choose to be, not what someone else expects you to be. Find yourself here.